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About HeyLiveMusic


HeyLiveMusic is a web based resource that focuses strictly on connecting people who love live music with live music performances in their local area and around the country.

The site also provides a free platform for venues and performers to promote themselves. HeyLiveMusic levels the playing field and displays local live events right up next to major live shows in search results. 

Our extensive research shows that no other site offers an easy to use, nationwide, user populated search engine that quickly accesses information about live music performances in venues big and small. will become the premiere site for:

  • Finding a local band to watch
  • Keeping in tune with national acts
  • Checking the time for a local school musical 
  • Perusing the local club scene
  • Hiring a band, musician or DJ
  • Finding music lessons
  • Rating performances and commenting on live shows


Attempting to search for "Live Music" in traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing produces a billion results. Thus making it virtually impossible to quickly find what you're searching for. eliminates the hassle and time it takes to find what you're looking for in live music.

If you're a performer or own a venue that features live music, there is no other site that allows free national exposure like


Humans are wired to "tune in" to and "get something" from a musical experience. Venues and artists need to work harder and smarter than ever before to bring the live music experience to their audiences. is set to be the number one tool they will use to reach the maximum number of live music lovers.

Our years of experience in the music industry, gives us a unique insight into the workings of artists both professional and amateur, and venues both large and small. Couple this with the needs of schools, universities and other venues, will provide the largest informational site dedicated to live music in the world.

WHY IS IT RELEVANT? isn't just about building an informational site about live music, it's about building a community. With the massive popularity of social networking, live music lovers will finally have a place to call their own. Ratings, comments and other posts will continually draw in site users, giving them a sense that they truly are a part of a live music "family." will also be a repository for the history of live music as it continues to make its way through all of our lives. The site will document the launch of superstars, and allow commentating on musical productions in local schools and churches.  



  • You do!
  • Venues! Both big and small can easily promote their locations for FREE.
  • Artists! Grassroots bands and singers to those performers ready for the big time. gives them a place to promote themselves for FREE.
  • Live Music Lovers around the world!

It's the place to visit for all your live music needs!  Whether you're looking for the show dates of a mega-star, your nephew's 8th grade choir recital or maybe a piano tuner you will find it here.  You can also place free ads for music related items in our Classifieds section.

Our home page is a straight forward list of live shows around the country. This is one format the data can be displayed in, but one of the cool things is the ability to search the data and see where an artist is playing or has played, who they played with; what other venues in your town that offer live music that you never even knew about. 

HeyLiveMusic doesn't replace a Venue's or an Artist's site, it provides the base for finding those sites in any specific area.  Be sure to share this site with other artists and venue owners, whether they are just starting out or have been around for years!

So what are you waiting for?
Become a member today! It's FREE and it's EASY!

Registration Benefits

HeyLiveMusic provides fast access to live local shows.

It's easy to register, the only information required is an email!

However, you don't need to register or login to use many of the search and view options, BUT, there are some extras available once you are logged in, including:

  • Add Shows Anyone can add a show, the purpose of HeyLiveMusic is to list all the live music shows of all types so we need everyone's help
  • Add Artists - Anyone can add an Artist or Act. Once entered the history of the Artist begins and they are available for shows everywhere. Ideally the Artist controls their own HeyLiveMusic profile, all they need to do is contact us to take it over. Also, Artist's can be added on-the-fly while entering shows.
  • Add Venues Anyone can add a Venue.  Ideally the Venue management does this but until they are aware of HeyLiveMusic and it's power to promote their shows, artists and others still want the shows listed.  When ready, any Venue can contact us to take over their profile.
  • Artists List - Quick access to all the Artists and their past shows - not just those with scheduled shows
  • Venues List - A complete Venue list that's easy to access and easy to use search and view options
  • Favorites Option - See an Artist or Venue you want to easily keep tabs on - one click and they will be available in your menu
  • Comments - Don't just look at what is written, get involved and share your thoughts about various areas including what you experienced at shows you've seen.

For more details see the About page.

Oh, and if you have suggestion about ways we can make the site even better, click on the Contact Us option and send us an email!


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Bob's Story

Bob is looking for something entertaining to do – preferably having to do with live music.  What exactly is he looking for?  The possibilities are endless.  He may not even know, he’s just looking for a musical adventure.

Let’s take a look at some of those possibilities…

  • A Local High School Musical
  • A Friend’s band
  • Lady Gaga
  • Nephew’s violin recital at a church
  • Who’s Playing at the Coffee House
  • Which bands are at the local head bangers bar
  • The band someone told him about
  • Wants to learn to play oboe
  • The club someone mentioned
  • An outdoor festival
  • The Eagles
  • A charity event

 And on and on…

Why is HeyLiveMusic the place for Bob? Well, while sometimes we know exactly what we’re looking for, a lot of times we haven’t a clue.  And when he gets to other sites where does he search anyway? Typically these sites are very busy and not very user friendly. So Bob’s not likely to just happen upon a jazz concert benefiting inner city kids while browsing Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, MySpace or the Madison Square Garden website. Couldn’t Bob find all of this on one single site?

Not until now! 

The possibilities for finding his music adventure are endless on HeyLiveMusic! The shows search/filter options give him the ability to find just what he needs!