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There are thousands of Artists and Venues listed in HeyLiveMusic but not all of them have shows scheduled right now so they may not show up on the schedule. To see a complete listing, all you need to do is register!

It's easy to register, the only information required is an email!

And, there are some extras available once you are logged in, including:

  • Add Shows - Anyone can add a show, the purpose of HeyLiveMusic is to list all the live music shows of all types so we need everyone's help
  • Add Artists - Anyone can add an Artist or Act. Once entered the history of the Artist begins and they are available for shows everywhere. Ideally the Artist controls their own HeyLiveMusic profile, all they need to do is contact us to take it over. Also, Artist's can be added on-the-fly while entering shows.
  • Add Venues - Anyone can add a Venue.  Ideally the Venue management does this but until they are aware of HeyLiveMusic and it's power to promote their shows, artists and others still want the shows listed.  When ready, any Venue can contact us to take over their profile.
  • Artists List - Quick access to all the Artists and their past shows - not just those with scheduled shows
  • Venues List - A complete Venue list that's easy to access and easy to use search and view options
  • Favorites Option - See an Artist or Venue you want to easily keep tabs on - one click and they will be available in your menu
  • Comments - don't just look at what is written, get involved and share your thoughts about various areas including what you thought of past shows.

For more details see the About page.

Oh, and if you have suggestion about ways we can make the site even better, click on the Contact Us option and send us an email!


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